Vitamin Supplements for Gamers Wanting a Lifestyle Change

November 28, 2017

Proper diet and exercise are essential for weight loss. But sometimes, you also have to add a bit of help through supplements. Because gamers should change their sedentary lifestyle, your body needs additional support to allow itself to recover if you are doing workouts and reduced calorie intake. People don’t need a lot of calories to survive. However, due to changes in lifestyle, many people these days don’t just eat for survival, but also out of boredom and for socialization.

Gamers spend a lot of time sitting aroundThe problem is with the quality of calories we are now taking in. There is an overabundance of grains, sugar, and protein in our diets, with less room for fruits and vegetables. People who cannot cook should read MBSF’s Sun Basket Review to eat healthy by means of an alternative food delivery service. As for our day-to-day activities, it is usually behind a desk as most jobs available today are office-bound. The only time people get to exercise is when they have to run errands, make an effort to walk to and from their workplace, or when they give a chance for a workout schedule.

With our mostly ‘seated-in-computers’ lifestyles, it is no wonder why weight loss and maintenance is now a big challenge for online gamers. Even if you lose weight, it can be difficult to sustain it with the cycle of eating out of boredom or stress, a desk-bound job, and having no time for exercise. People must now take a conscious effort to stay healthy because all the choices available make it difficult for everyone to pick the right option. And when you are battling with companies that have huge marketing budgets, many times it can be difficult to discount the fact that advertising does affect the way you decide on what to consume.

Having said the realities of weight loss and maintenance being a real challenge these days, how else can you help your weight loss journey through supplements?

Remember, not all vitamins are created equal, so you must make sure you know what supplements you are taking. Do not just take anything without your doctor’s approval. And taking more supplements is not always the right move. Take note that these are “supplements,” meaning, you are taking them because they cover for nutrients that you cannot readily get from food sources.

There are so many vitamin supplements available on the market, but these are our top choices if weight loss is your number one priority right now:

1. Vitamin D

Called the “Sunlight Vitamin,” Vitamin D is now the most commonly prescribed supplement even though, ironically, we all get to enjoy the sun throughout the day. The problem with modern-day lifestyle is people cannot absorb as much Vitamin D anymore because of poor diet and having to stay indoors. Because of these factors, Vitamin D, an excellent precursor for balancing metabolism, is poorly absorbed by the body. Taking it as a supplement makes sense, especially if you live in the city and you hold an office job.

2. Chromium

Chromium is found in seafood, meat, and green leafy vegetables. With our unsustainable food cycles though, this mineral is not absorbed correctly by these food sources. Chromium is crucial for maintaining our metabolism and balancing our sugars, which are both keys to helping anyone keep their weights. It is easily lost in the body through sweat and urine, so it is best to take this supplement every day. Make sure that the chromium you take is from organic sources. This way, you get to make the most of the benefits of this mineral.

Food delivery can now be a healthier choiceYou don’t have to take a lot of supplements to aid you in your weight loss journey. Remember, nutrition is vital, so you only have to take supplements when certain vitamins and minerals are not readily available from food sources in your area. Vitamin D and chromium are the best supplements for weight loss because they help with balancing your metabolism. Along with nutrition and supplements, regular exercise is also key to your weight loss success.

Greetings 2012, Is the World Almost Over Already?!

April 9, 2012

So, it hit me a few weeks ago… it’s 2012. The world could end at any moment! I better get this puppy finished before we all die in a fiery rapture (save those who sent Bob a dollar in the 90′s) without ever having played Han Solo Adventures!!

So here’s the deal, I started this thing around the fall of 2009. Then 2010 kinda went down the toilet for me in every conceivable way. 2011 was a huge breath of fresh air, but also my busiest year EVER. Lots of movie stuff, produced a flick, visual effects work, bla bla bla boring stuff, etc.

Meanwhile, we’ve seen amazing things in retro/adventure games over the last few months, with Tim Schafer scoring HUGE with Double Fine on Kickstarter, Al Lowe on his way to funding another Leisure Suit Larry game, Jane Jensen creating a whole new funding model for Pinkerton Road, not to mention other awesome designers coming out of the woodworks with projects like Wasteland 2 and the new Sherlock Holmes FMV mystery games. Seriously, if Activision gives Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy a break on licensing and they’re able to do another Space Quest, I think my head will explode.

So now, 2 and 1/2 years after starting this project, it’s time to put a bow on it and get this baby out there to Star Wars and PnC adventure fans who have been thirsting for the chance to play a Star Wars themed SCUMM-style game since the early 90′s just as I have!

I’ve done a LOT of work on game logic lately, working to tie all the various areas of the game together. After watching the way VinceTwelve works, I decided to power through and get the game completely playable from start to finish, then later go through and add detail in the the conversations and puzzles, and put in any necessary new graphics. The new plan is going great so far!

I’ll post another update soon, in the meantime be sure to follow my all new Twitter just for Han Solo Adventures: @hansadventures! I’ll be posting regular updates, screenshots, and eventually free download codes! (Just kidding. It’s a freeware game, silly!)

First screenshots

August 27, 2009

Better watch your step, this place is a wretched hive of SCUMM™ and villainy!


Yes, puzzles are important! It’s easy to get carried away with these things and just have fun making the little guy walk around and talk to people, but it’s important to remember that difficult puzzles are what made these games great, and I am committed to making a “real” adventure game out of this, which means lots of puzzles to solve.