Advantages of Using WooCommerce

April 14, 2019

WooCommerce is an important part of online businesses these days. It is a WordPress plugin that allows the user to sell products and services on the said site. By using this plugin, it makes it easier for businesses to sell products and services at an affordable and accessible means. Furthermore, you can also manage inventory and shipping, secure payments and sort taxes automatically. Moreover, WooCommerce lets you control your data whatever you like and monitor every sales or gains you have.

WooCommerce for your online bizHere are some of the remarkable benefits of using WooCommerce:

1. It’s completely free

You don’t have to pay anything to get this plugin. You can just download it and use it after a few minutes. This is a great perk especially for those starting an online business since they don’t have to spend a lot on the business tool. The only thing you need to pay for is the web hosting.

2. It’s user-friendly

Since this is associated with WordPress, so it’s familiar and easy to use. It is easy to navigate through WooCommerce, and you don’t have to be technically proficient. Its settings page has the regular WordPress layout so it will be easier for you to navigate through it as long as you are familiar with WordPress. Jason Berkowitz SEO recommends this to his clients venturing in e-commerce.

3. It is secure

And you can be assured of that. This application is regularly updated, so you do not need to worry about any security issues. It will always be compatible with newer versions, and you need not fret about bugs. Plus, WooCommerce works with the leading experts in the web security industry to ensure that the codebases are constantly monitored to avoid susceptibilities from frauds and scams.

4. It looks professional

The interface of WooCommerce makes it look like you are paying a lot for it, when in fact you are really not. Its platform prides on quality customer engagement tools and detailed order tracking. This allows your customers and clients to check on their past orders and get updates on the status of their deliveries, like what this Buffalo, NY SEO agency is trying to promote in the digital marketing arena.

Analytics to monitor engagement and sales5. It makes analytics easy

With WooCommerce, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to be able to analyze your data. This plugin makes analytics easier to do, and it has an inbuilt analytics that does everything on its own.

6. Content marketing is made easy

WooCommerce helps a lot in your business’ content marketing. It is associated with WordPress which is the leader in contents platform. Thus, using WooCommerce can give you the best of both worlds. You can help make your ranking go higher through the quality of content you are making.

Does Skydiving Help You Overcome Fear of Heights?

March 2, 2019

All of us are scared of something or the other. On a general basis, various researches have shown, that most of the humans suffer from fear of heights. Fear of heights will restrain you from living your life to the fullest.

You won’t be able to try out most of the adventure activities in your life if you are not able to overcome this fear. The best thing to do in this scenario is to go out and face it. This can be done by trying your hands at skydiving.

The physics behind the art of skydiving is that once you take that jump from the aircraft, two forces act upon your body. The first one is the frictional force, and the other one is the gravitational force. The friction will pull you in the opposite direction, and gravitational force will pull you in a different direction.

Conquering Skydiving FearThus, there will be a creation of air resistance. This resistance will increase velocity. Thus, the air resistance will create a force, that will then start acting on your body and your equipment. This way, you will experience the sensation of flying.

The biggest myth that surrounds sky diving is that it is not for people who suffer from fear of heights. Let’s poke through the bubble and burst it for you. Sky diving will not only give you a chance to face your biggest fear, but it will open you up to a completely new experience of fun and adventure.

Here are some of the reasons that explain as to why sky diving should be tried at least once, even by people who are scared of heights.

The fear of height is embedded in us from the time we were born:

Various researches have proven that the fear of heights was embedded in us since the time of birth. We just realize it, at a later stage in life. This is true for all of us. All other fears come into our life because of our daily interactions with society. The second fear that is present in all of us is the fear of darkness.

The phobia attached to heights is termed as acrophobia. Scientists researched to study about acrophobia and experimented between the two groups, of babies and ducks. It was found out that the only way to overcome acrophobia is by flying.

It seems difficult at first, but it is easier than you thought:

Skydiving initially might scare you. Your mind will wander off to places and will start imagining the jump from an airplane door or floating high up in the sky. However, once you cross the obstacle of jumping off from the aircraft door, you will instantly feel the support of the suit donning on your body.

Once you complete it, you will look back and be amazed. It will be one of the biggest moments to remember and appreciate for a lifetime. There are many designated skydiving dropzones in The United States that you can research about to know the scale or height and other important information before deciding.

Your fear of height won’t be triggered.

When you jump off that aircraft door from a height of 12000 ft, you will witness the landscape and the sky differently. The landscape will be similar to that shown in the Google maps. You will notice a stark difference in the look of the landscape from the height of 12000 ft and that from a cliff or a mountain.

Your mind will be tricked in this scenario, and you won’t be able to gauge the depth. The sense of depth will go for a toss. Thus, the problem of acrophobia won’t be triggered. However, you will be able to feel other sensations such as the sound of being high up in the sky and the sound of the gear.

Personal growth

Most of the skydivers will tell you that they are scared of heights. They will be scared of walking that cliff railing or being on the edge of the mountain. However, standing near the aircraft door and jumping in the sky, gives them a boost, and hikes up their confidence.

Thus, this experience of sky diving will help you overcome the fear of heights partially, and you will be motivated to try out new adventures in your life. This will help you out in your personal growth.

Conditioning yourself from fear of heightsReduce your fear of heights

According to various researches and studies, it has been seen that the phobias are caused because of external stimuli, that gets triggered. This, in turn, causes a particular fear. The scientists have found out that if a particular person is exposed to a particular stimulus causing that fear, the fear will diminish.

Initially, it will be a big bump in the road of shooing away the fear. Slowly and steadily, that fear will diminish and will become negligible. This This is often known as fight or flight response under human psychology. Thus, skydiving will help you out in diminishing the fear of heights or lowering it down to a negligible state.

Fear of falling rather than fear of heights:

Most of the people are not scared of heights; in fact, they are scared of falling. This fear of falling is often misinterpreted as fear of heights. This is because there is a very thin line of difference between acrophobia and basiphobia.

Plus, overcoming the fear of falling is much easier as compared to the fear of heights. So, if you are someone who is suffering from basiphobia, it’s time to book a sky diving appointment right away and go for it. You will be amazed at the results, and the experience will be mind-blowing for you.

In a nutshell, sky diving will help you grow and will give you a boost of self-confidence. The experience will forever be embedded in your heart, and you will get an adrenaline rush that you have never imagined to have felt. The adventure sports are known to be addictive so who knows with that first dive, you may come back for another one.

Top Six Oven Maintenance Tips for the Holiday Season

January 14, 2019

The holiday season is really exciting for those who love to treat their loved ones with great food and baking is the most important activity in the kitchen during those days. Now before the season starts, what if you find out that your oven has run into some problem? Will you get the replacement or give the old one for repair or maintenance?

With all the turkey baking and the pudding baking and activities; your oven will be running in full swing day and night, and you might want to know a tip or two to keep it running. To save you from a crisis in between the holiday season, here are some useful oven maintenance tips. These tips are curated after considerable research and will prove to be efficient in your kitchen. Read on through the article to get a glimpse of all these fantastic yet simple maintenance tips.

Oven use increases during holidays1.Tidying up the interiors and the exteriors of the oven:

If you focus on cleaning of the interiors and the exteriors of the oven, you will be able to unveil some of the problems before they pose to be a really big oven repair trouble for you. Cleaning up the interiors and the exteriors will help you out in increasing the performance of the oven as well.

  • Control Panel:

This one is the delicate part of the oven. You need to clean it up with some gentle cleanser like vinegar and water instead of using some harsh substances on it. Clean up the knows of the control panel as well,  but very gently. If you use too much of your scrubbing patterns, you will end up giving rise to a major problem in your oven.  However, vinegar is a delicate cleanser and helps in effective degreasing on the appliance. Learn more about vinegar, and it’s cleansing properties for more benefits.

  • The Door:

Clean up the interiors and the exteriors of the oven door using the mixture of vinegar again. You can scrub it off in case of tough stains using a brushed and a hard mixture used for degreasing.  For this purpose you can even use a concoction of baking soda and vinegar, that will give a shine to the door panel.

  • Stovetop:

Clean the grease from the Stovetop by using a scraper and then clean the stains using a mixture. Then use a protectant to cover up the Stovetop,  as mentioned in the user manual or consult a professional before going ahead with this prospectus. Remove all the burners from the gas top and then put them in the sink to clean them properly using detergent water.

  • Oven Interior:

Clean up the interiors of the oven by using a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and salt. The most important step is to rinse it properly with clean water so that there is no food debris left in there. It is written in the safety manuals, that food debris trigger fire accidents. If you have an oven that has the self – cleaning feature, then go ahead and read the manual and do that.

2. The motor of the oven blower:

It is very important to keep the motor of the blower free from any debris. If you keep the blower clean, the longevity of the oven will hike up. Keep on oiling it religiously with a company recommended lubricant. Most of the blower motors these days are pre-lubricated from the factory, so there is no need to put in your efforts in there. There is a need to lubricate the blower motor every six months, and once you are doing the process, it’s important to read the user manual first so that there is no problem in the steps.

3. Identifying the correct voltage:

This one is a mandatory step. Operate your oven at the given voltage. You need to identify the oven voltage, and if the voltage speed is not according to that given in the manual, then you need to use a buck booster to increase the voltage and make the oven work properly. The reason behind putting your focus on the voltage is because the inappropriate voltage will decrease the performance of the oven.

The heating element inside the oven4. Heating elements:

You need to check the heating parts of the oven if it’s taking too much time to heat up. Generally, there will be a problem with the parts. You need to check them one by one, and if there is reduced heating then you need to correct the voltage, and if the heating is too much, the parts are burnt. You need to change them immediately to restrain from any accidents.

5. Door gaskets:

If there is a problem with the door gaskets and the heat is leaking out of it, then that means there is some problem with the shutting of the door gasket. Check the sides as well, because if this is the case, the working of the oven won’t be effective. Here you need to analyze other parts of the oven as well. You need to look for the cracked areas or the worn out areas so that you can get them fixed and there is no problem in the oven in maintaining the temperature.

6. Professional Help:

It is important to call for professional help to take a look at your appliance and figure out the problems if there are any. You wouldn’t want any off bases during the holiday season. Although you can implement these tips for the maintenance, it is recommended that you consider taking appliance maintenance or repair service check of your oven and other kitchen appliances before the start of the holiday season. You can look for available appliance repair, maintenance, and consultation service at and call them for quick service. The serviceman will be able to take a proper look at your oven and will repair it. They will be able to identify the faults that you might not be able to figure out while implementing these maintenance tips. However, always make sure you get it all done before your holiday season starts.

In conclusion, it is really important to take proper care of the appliances that you have in your kitchen so that there are no obstacles in the way. This way you will be able to happily enjoy your holiday season with some amazing treats and have the appliance that can come in handy every holiday season. This will improve the life of your appliances as well.

The Best Things to Do in New York During the Holidays

December 4, 2018

Festive floats in Macys Thanksgiving ParadeMany people say that New York, Paris, and London are the places to be during the holidays if you love to immerse yourself in different experiences without having to leave the city. From enjoying a public skating rink to having a full-blown winter-only outdoor amusement park, activities offered will never fail to amuse children and adults alike.

Why is New York a must-visit during the holiday season? For one, there are lots of events happening only during the holidays including Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, which features kilometers of fancy floats, dancing, and merriment across the city. There are also fun runs with creative themes that range from runners wearing Santa costumes to wearing their best holiday costumes.

There are so many enjoyable things to do in New York for couples, families, and friends. If you are local, it’s good news for you since you get to enjoy these festivities without having to leave the city. For visitors and you are staying for a short period, you must have an itinerary in mind, so you get to choose the activities that you want to try.

Here are our recommendations on the best things to do in New York during the holidays:

1. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s holiday exhibition

The MET museum is home to the finest artwork from around the world. While it has permanent exhibits, it also has a temporary exhibit that’s exclusively opened to visitors during the holiday season. Common sights are the museum’s gigantic blue spruce Christmas tree, nativity sets, and tree-lighting schedules. Entry fee is more affordable for students, seniors, and military men and women, so bring your ID with you as Go New York Tours: NYC Double Decker Bus Tours, Hop On Hop Off Tours can include this in the itinerary.

2. Do outdoor skating

Two of the most visited sights in New York during winter are the Rockefeller Center’s The Rink, and the Wollman Rink. These are outdoor skating rinks that allow you not only to enjoy this sport, but also to enjoy the views of the city. If you don’t have ice skates with you, don’t worry. Skates can be rented on-site. Just don’t forget to bring gloves and a scarf with you as it can get cold, especially with the cool breeze sweeping as you skate around.

Ice Skating at Bryant Park3. Shop and snack

A nice area to visit is the Bank of America Winter Village, located at Bryant Park. It is a small area transformed into a vintage Christmas village complete with taverns, chimneys, trees, and lights to give you that holiday feel. It is impressive that this set-up can exist in the middle of the skyscraper-filled metropolis, that’s why it is an accessible and a worthwhile area to visit. Rows of shops sell handmade goodies, trinkets, and the comforting hot chocolate with marshmallows. It is free to attend, so be sure to drop by.

4. Listen to Christmas carols

Holidays in New York are incomplete without the Christmas-themed theater shows at the Carnegie Hall. You can check out the schedules online so you can also reserve seats in advance. Some shows run for months, while others can go to as short as three days. If you have the time, spend one of your evenings at one of the shows at Carnegie Hall.

There are so many activities that New York can offer during the holiday season. Plan your trip well if you have limited time in the city. If you are a local, though, lucky you!

Cosplay Makeup Tips for that Sensational Look at the Comic Con

September 24, 2018

All girl gamers know that the Comic Con is a great reason to go get dressed up as your favorite game character. The skin, the lips, the eyes and the eyebrows are the focal point when recreating your character’s appearance. Why not look your best and consider these makeup tips?

The Skin

Cosplay as Harley QuinnAnime characters are notorious for having a clean even skin tone. To get this effect is similar to applying regular make-up. Start with a clean face. Apply a facial moisturizer to the entire face and neck. If the skin is oily or the makeup will be worn for a long time, put on a small amount of primer first.

Apply liquid foundation evenly over the face and the neck. Be sure to blend it in at the hairline. If there are very apparent blemishes, consider adding some concealer before applying the foundation. Foundation can be applied with a brush, a sponge or with the hands. Try them out and choose which option works best. It gets better if you try out these Korean skincare products that are not just all-natural, but they will surely complete the anime look you are aiming for.

The next step is powder. Apply a powder of the same shade with a full loose brush, like a kabuki brush. Blend a light layer of powder over the foundation.

Pay particular attention to the characteristics of their face. Most young characters have no definition on the face, meaning they do not have a pronounced jaw or high cheekbones. In that case, contouring will not be needed.

If the character is mature, consider defining the cheekbones by adding a slightly darker toned powder under the ball of the cheekbone and a highlighting shade atop the cheekbone.

The Lips

When cosplaying female characters, use a light or nude shade gloss for the lips. Other than characters who wear lipstick, their lips often have a shine.

When cosplaying a male character consider wearing a nude shade of lipstick or applying foundation on the lips. Be sure to moisturize them before applying foundation because it may dry them out. Notice how the majority of male anime characters have no color to their lips. Less color gives the face a surreal appearance.

The Eyes

The eyes are often the defining part of any character. To get the defined lash, add a thin line of black eyeliner along the lash line. Also, apply some black mascara because most anime characters have black lashes that do not match their hair color. This may be all that’s needed for a male cosplay.

The female character often has big eyes. To get this effect, wear little eyeliner. Since an eyeliner makes the eyes look smaller. Put more emphasis on mascara instead. A pair of false lashes will significantly enlarge the eyes.

Antagonists often have small beady eyes. Apply a thicker layer of black eyeliner and add points to the edges of the eye for a sharp look.

The Eyebrows

The eyebrows are often forgotten in the fray of dressing up in a costume. Be sure to match the eyebrows to the wig color. If one’s natural eyebrow color is light or the hairs are thin, then draw over them with an eyeliner that matches the wig. For darker and thicker eyebrows use eyeliner and a mascara of a matching color.

Also, think about tweezing the eyebrows to resemble the character. If the change is too drastic then eyebrow plastic, also known as the eyebrow wax, may be the solution. Eyebrow plastic can be applied onto the eyebrows to hide them. It can be bought at costume stores. After it is applied, conceal it with flesh-toned make-up. Then draw on a new pair of eyebrows or apply false ones in any color.



Role Playing Games Failing Badly

July 15, 2018

The differences between buying a computer and a video game console are not a matter of hardware specifications, but also game developers that make the games. Most video game developers do not cross the line between computer and video game consoles for a good reason. It is complicated for a company to relearn how to make games for different pieces of hardware. Designing a game for Nintendo is far different than building a game for Sony. That’s one of the reasons why video game consoles have come so far, is because they’re dedicated machines for gaming. Video game companies know exactly what they need to utilize (how many pixels they can get, what kind of speed the machine’s running at, etc.) and can make better and better games as time goes on.

Computer RPG has gained worldwide attentionThe problem with computers is that no computer is the same. With the explosion of customizable parts and cheap computer components available everywhere, what one person may believe is the ultimate gaming machine is another person’s business nightmare. Even looking at the different programs that many computer games use, such as Direct X and Open GL, there are different versions available, depending on what kind of processors and video cards your computer is equipped with. Anyone looking into buying a computer game will always take a look at the box to check the minimum requirement and recommended requirements for their computer. Having to design a game with such a broad spectrum of machines will either shun the average gamer to produce high-end graphics and gameplay or appeal to Joe Shmoe and sacrifice better production value.

Looking at all these hurdles and obstacles that computer game developers face, it’s no surprise that not too many companies survive. The dominant players, such as Blizzard, Valve, and Maxis, know all too well how to make a game that lasts. Unfortunately, none of them are interested in the realm of RPG’s (at least single-player). Besides, who buys a computer to play an RPG? All attempts to make a single player RPG for computers usually fail miserably or don’t get enough attention to make it marketable.

Fatigue – Why am I So Tired?

June 18, 2018

All gamers have experienced that weary feeling at some point in our lives. But for most of us, this does not show that our health might be in danger in some way. Ever wonder why you find yourself so tired? After playing your favorite games for a long time, you might feel dizziness and eye soreness. Playing too much can even cause death.

Hours of playing can cause fatigueWhat is fatigue?

Fatigue can be defined as a physical or mental weariness resulting from exertion. It is a feeling of exhaustion or loss of strength, which may occur in mental or physical form.

While fatigue is a lack of energy and motivation, in many cases, it can be easily explained, and there is nothing to worry about. Most commonly, the condition is caused by lack of sleep, and once you discover why you feel tired, it is often easy to remedy the situation.

What are the causes of fatigue?

Fatigue may be caused by the number of reasons which may include alcohol abuse, anxiety, constipation, insomnia, grief, and candida, just to name a few. Perfectionism, often referred to as a form of self-abuse, is also on the list as one of a significant source of stress and fatigue, especially in women.

Other culprits may include:

  • Anemia: A deficiency of iron in the blood which can lead to tiredness and run down. Vegetarians who do not eat enough iron may be at risk.
  • Stress: Insomnia is a common symptom of stress. Never pretend everything is fine and ignore the signs of fatigue. Find out what is causing you stress and face the problem.
  • Depression: When you are depressed, you often neglect your body and mind. This can have negative implications such as feeling tired all the time which may lead to more severe problems.
  • Caffeine: Too much caffeine is not good for anyone. You should avoid having caffeinated drinks before bed and cut down on caffeine intake during the day. Caffeine can be replaced with other energy-boosting foods such as fruits and vegetables. Other good choices include nuts, yogurt, and eggs.
  • Dehydration: It is vital to drink lots of water as dehydration can create fatigue that causes exhaustion and leaves you unable to sleep. This is because your body is unable to flush out toxin build up in your blood.
  • Poor sleep hygiene: Is your bedroom too hot, cold or noisy? All of these things could be affecting your sleep and can mean that you wake up always feeling tired.
  • Eating or drinking before bed: Eating big meals causes disturbed sleep as your body takes longer to digest food, especially spicy meals. It is recommended to wait a couple of hours between eating food and going to bed.

What are the symptoms of fatigue?

The symptoms may include both mental and physical weakness, lack of energy, constant tiredness or exhaustion, lack of motivation, difficulties in concentration, challenges in starting and completing tasks.

Fatigue can also cause a person to have weak muscles, slow responses, and slow movements. If left untreated, fatigue can cause forgetfulness, difficulty in staying focused, and a lack of mental clarity.

Fatigue treatment

Fortunately, many causes of fatigue may be treated with modern medications; however, medical treatment of fatigue depends on the treatment of its underlying cause(s).

Acupuncture can relieve tensions from too much online gamingRegular exercise and other relaxation techniques can help restores a person’s energy. Our best bet is acupuncture from a Chinese Medicine clinic in New York City. It is also important to get enough sleep at night and constantly maintaining a nutritious diet. Other treatments that may be suggested include:

  • iron supplements for anemia
  • medications to control blood sugar
  • medications to regulate thyroid function
  • antibiotics to help treat infection
  • vitamins

While fighting fatigue may seem to be challenging, it is important to continue fighting and supporting yourself. Even if the road may seem to be so steep for now, all your hard work will eventually pay off in the end. It is also recommended for you to make some dietary changes and have a sensible exercise program. Again, treatment of the underlying cause(s) is the key to treatment of the symptom of fatigue.



Artificial Intelligence and Its Effects on Gaming

May 15, 2018

The aim of artificial intelligence (AI) within the video games industry is to create a virtual entity which is indistinguishable from a human player. While there is still a long way to go before this occurs, the advances in AI over the years have led to some drastic improvements as to how the computer player reacts and behaves within a computer game. These developments will continue to be made as time moves forward.

AI changing the gaming industryThe Gaming Industry and Current AI Limitations

Usually, when games programmers develop an in-game entity, they use a variety of tricks to make it seem more human. These involve a number of artificial intelligence algorithms to give the illusion of reason, logic, and awareness. Other algorithms have to be used as well to provide limitations to the AI so that the game is fair. After all, a perfectly programmed AI would play flawlessly against a human who is prone to making errors.

The speed at which people play games makes it difficult for developers to program any artificial entity within the game itself. The human brain can determine a course of action faster than any complex AI as these have to rely on sorting through lengthy lookup tables or decision trees to operate. This coding has to be simplified to enhance its speed which directly reduces the realism felt by those sitting at their gaming computers.

Making Artificial Intelligence More Human

As technology moves forward, the complexity of in-game AI’s will become more advanced. Adding features such as an in-depth awareness of their surrounding environment, the ability to effectively work together as a team, and a survival instinct will enable the AI itself to behave in a more human-like manner. The ultimate goal for the gaming industry is to program artificial entities which cannot be told apart from human players while the game is being played.

Advances in artificial intelligence algorithms will have a drastic effect on the gamer. Currently, there is a noticeable difference between humans and gaming AI’s which is why more games are focusing on multiplayer. Players experience a certain satisfaction in beating a human opponent which does not exist when achieving victory over a limited virtual intelligence. However, once an AI is indistinguishable from a human, the line between single and multiplayer will blur for gamers everywhere.

The Disadvantages and Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Once the AI field has reached the stage where in-game entities behave the same as humans, the gaming sector will be changed forever. No longer will the gamer have to log in and play against people across the other side of the world. An Internet connection will not be needed, and people will be able to get the same challenge playing against AI’s on their gaming computers as they could while playing an online game.

Unfortunately, this would make the whole idea of playing computer games an anti-social pastime. Without the need to play against fellow humans, the interaction that can be gained through online games will be lacking. The gamer will not be able to tell the difference as the artificial intelligence will be too advanced. However, some may still experience a certain dissatisfaction at beating a virtual opponent that can only be found by defeating another human player.

Marketing Video Games to Young Children

February 24, 2018

There is some controversy today when it comes to the marketing of video games. The dispute relates to the particular marketing tactics of video game makers, and what the appropriate age to expose young children to video games might be. On the one hand, there are those who believe that video games should not be marketed to children or too young children below a certain age. On the other side, there are those that believe marketing video games at young children is not, as they say, “too much, too soon.”

The fact is when it comes to marketing anything to young children; it is the responsibility of parents to act as a filter. If, for example, a company were to market cyanide to young children, it would be the responsibility of parents to say, “No, honey. You may not have cyanide. It is dangerous, and could kill you.”

Age-appropriate video gamesIt is not up to censors or, especially, the government to police what your children watch or don’t watch, or what they are exposed to. Your children are unable to go out and buy their things; anything they own, you will have to provide for them. If you don’t want to expose your child to a particular product, such as video games, then don’t buy those products for your young child.

Beyond this, though, there is a beneficial side to video games that many people overlook. Video games can be used as learning tools. There are many video games, in fact, that is specifically designed to help young children learn certain things and master certain tasks. While the degree to which playing video games contributes to increasing manual dexterity may be up for debate, the fact is that, especially with video game systems such as the Nintendo Wii, children are more active in video games than when watching television. If the choice is between watching Power Rangers or playing the Dora video game, your child is better off playing Dora.

Finally, it must be said that there are times when specific genres of video games may be marketed toward younger children than they are appropriate for. Violent and bloody video games shouldn’t be sold to preschoolers, obviously. But even in this situation, it is up to parents to explain to the child why that video game is not appropriate.

Your young children will be exposed to many undesirable things in their lives, and you will have to do this over and over again. That’s part of a parent’s job acting as a filter against things they see as undesirable.